Let's all swich from npm to pnpm


I've been working with pnpm for a couple of months now and all I can say is that is marvelous, firstly the gains in disk usage, offline cache and seep are incomparable.

While for the same project npm is used, the disc usage is about


But let's check what is my disc usage after erasing those node modules and used npm


npm modules meme

The only downside is the dependency resolver, where npm will show a lot of warnings and sometimes errors for peer dependencies that are not installed. And that still happens for a lot of libraries where peer dependencies should be marked as regular dependencies.

npm install --global pnpm

Upgrading dependencies, which I think should be a fairly regular thing to do, is really easy.You can simply run,

pnpm upgrade --latest --interactive # or 'pnpm up -iL' for short

And you will get a fully interactive viewer for your outdated dependencies. The only extra step you will need to take, is to check changelogs to make sure no breaking change is introduced.