Neo Educate

Neo Educate was born from the idea of ​​creating an emotional education tool that helps teenagers to manage their emotions and develop their social skills.

We discovered that this lack of emotional education is due to a lack of resources and tools that help them develop their emotional intelligence. So, we decided to create Neo Educate, a mobile app that delivers bite-sized educational content on emotional intelligence and social skills.

The app has a simple and intuitive navigation system. Users can navigate through the different sections using a bottom tab bar. The content is divided into categories and the search functionality makes it easy to find specific topics.

The app was built using React Native, which allowed us to create a cross-platform application for iOS, Android and Web. The backend was built using GraphQL, with Node.js and MongoDB. We also integrated Sanity CMS and Mux to optimize the delivery of images and videos to users. The app is hosted on AWS and the code is stored on GitHub.

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