They Xolo

They Xolo is an NFT art collection created on the Ethereum blockchain, in collaboration with the talented artist, @mariaazuli. Our aim was to create a diverse collection that reflects the beauty and richness of Mexican culture.

Website Features

The project was designed with a mobile-first approach, supporting both English and Spanish languages, light and dark modes, and accessibility navigation features.

Home page

ERC721X Smart Contract

To ensure the highest level of security and transparency, we developed an extension to the ERC721A contract called ERC721X (X for Xolo). This extension allows for an allow-list for a pre-sale, royalty per token information, and contract URI. Our contract code has been extensively tested using hardhat and is available on my GitHub profile.

Mint page

Profile Explorer

The project also offers a profile explorer feature. When connected to your ENS profile, it displays your collection of They Xolos, They Xolo honorary collection badges, and all your other NFTs. The feature connects to the OpenSea API, which provides detailed information on each token.

Profile page

You can also edit your profile and make multi-call transactions.


We developed an API in The Graph that connects to the contract, allowing users to access token information, and supports multiple filters. By clicking on a token, you can view its details, attributes, and the current owner.

Gallery page


Our wallet feature allows you to view your token balances on the blockchain in a user-friendly way, along with your ENS name and image.

Gallery page

Staking, Tonim and More

We are planning to offer token staking on our project, enabling you to stake your They Xolos and earn Tonim. Tonim is our project's native token, which can be used to vote on project decisions and purchase digital and physical items in our market.