They Xolo

They Xolo is a NFT collection in the Ethereum blockchain. Created with the artist @mariaazuli and me.

We aimed to create a collection that represented the diversity of the Mexican culture. For the website it was develoepd focused on being mobile first, supporting english and spanish, light and dark mode, and accessibility navigation features.

Home page

Smart Contract

I developed an extension for the ERC721A contract, I called it ERC721X (for Xolo :P) it allows an allow list for a presale, royality per token information and contract URI.

The contract code is fairly tested using hardhat and available on my GitHub profile.

Mint page

Profile explorer

Connects to your ens profile, shows They Xolos collected, They Xolo honorary collection badges, and all of your other NFTs by connecting to the OpenSea API with the hability of displaying details of each token.

Profile page

You can edit your profile and it will send edit transactions to ens supporting multi-call transactions.


For this, I developed an API in The Graph that connects to the contract and gets the token information and supports multiple filters.

By clicking on a token you can see the details, attributes and the current owner of the token.

Gallery page


Gets token balances from the blockchain and shows them in a nice way, along with you ens name and image.

Wallet drawer on top of the home page

Staking, Tonim and more

Token staking will be available on this proyect, so you can stake your They Xolos and get Tonim, the Tonim token will be used to vote on the project and purchase digital and physical items in the Market.